The little known book that exposes the DIRTY secrets of the hair transplant industry

|Which allowed me to have the hair transplant of my dreams for less than 2000 bucks


My name is Mark.  And I had an amazingly successful hair transplant in 2018.

Even though:

  1.  i was severely bald
  1. I was turned down by SIX clinics
  1. I knew nothing about hair transplants

So how the hell did I end up with such a successful hair transplant?

Well, because of this amazing manual!

In fact, I would say you would be CRAZY if you had a hair transplant without reading it.

Heck, even if you are not into reading books, just have it handy for when you need something answered quickly.

The painful truth | You look BETTER with hair

And this book can help you get your hair BACK

I started losing my hair at 21.

It was devastating!

I had luscious long dark hair throughout my teens.  Almost like a rockstar.

And seeing them disappear inch by inch, and follicle by follicle was heartbreaking.

Most people would say “just shave it off”.

But that wasn’t an option.

You see, I have a funny shaped head.  Shaved look doesn’t suit me.

Even my girlfriend (now my ex) told me!

“You look better with hair”


Another hammer blow to my already dwindling confidence.

I needed to do something

I didn’t want to end up wearing a wig!

Failure wasn’t an option for me.

Because failure meant my only chance of having hair was a wig!

The thought TERRIFIED me!

My donor was poor and if my first procedure wasn’t a success, i would have to wear a wig for ever

I had to make my 1st transplant a complete success

There was no 2nd chances or “repair” jobs

It had to work or i would be wearing a wig for the rest of my life

And this is why i was so fortunate to get this manual when i did

Don’t trust any clinic

That’s right

A clinic’s priority is getting paid

YOUR priority is getting your hair back

So which priority wins?

Well, this manual shows you how to put your priority on TOP every time

It shows you how to force clinics to treat you like VIP, no matter what your budget is